Affordable Rubbish Clearance in Barnet

Barnet Cleaners covers the whole of Barnet all the way to the borders of Hampstead Heath park. Every team of professional rubbish collectors is located at key points in Barnet EN4 allowing them to respond to urgent customer service request in a timely manner. Possibly, the greatest piece of value we provide to our customers is quality.

Why should you choose our solid waste clearance in Barnet?

  • Weight & Volume System – While many might opt for employing devious tactics such as charging for rubbish removal by the hour, we will have you pay only for the amount of refuse we collect. In addition, we make a strong effort to precisely estimate the amount of waste using either weight or volume depending on the type of rubbish.
  • No Hidden Charges – You can rest assured that our business as well as technicians arriving on site will conduct themselves appropriately and charge only as per agreed conditions. Initial estimate is provided to customers prior to arrival while the final figure is confirmed on site on the day of the rubbish collection.
  • Sufficient Coverage – The borders of our coverage are as follows: Elstree Open space(West) to Oak hill park(East) and From the Old Fold Manor Golf Club(North) to North Circular Road(South).
  • Affordable rates – Barnet Cleaners makes every conceivable effort to optimise its operational costs, thus allowing for much lower rates for the end customer. This is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for entrusting us to properly dispose of your waste.
  • Vetted technicians – All rubbish collectors have been thoroughly checked and that includes police check as well as medical records. We want to make sure only the finest of workers attend the jobs.

To experience the full potential of our rubbish removal, why don’t you have a look at our end of tenancy cleaning or gutter cleaning options, combine them and get a discount!

Rubbish Removal Prices

Household, Builders and Green Waste Removal Prices

Space in the van Cubic Yards Time Loading Prices From
Min charge 1 5 min £45*
1/4 3 15 min £85*
1/2 6 30 min £130*
3/4 Van 9 45 min £171*
Full Van 12 60 min £238*

*Prices are valid for Loyalty club members
*The rates are based on the weight and volume of the materials for collection.

Supplement Charges
Required Eco fees Price
Mattress £25
Domestic Fridge/Aircon unit £50
Commercial Fridge/freezer unit £95
Computer Monitor/TV £10
UPS/Car battery £15
Fluorescent tube £5

*Prices include labour, transport and disposal fees.

How does it all work?

  • After you contact us through via phone, contact form or chat, we will answer every question you have about our rubbish removal services in Barnet EN4.
  • We will calculate an approximate cost of the waste clearance, depending entirely on the amount rubbish you have.
  • You can then select an appropriate time and date.
  • Upon arrival, the technicians will confirm the final price to you.
  • If you are happy with the price and service conditions, we can then proceed providing the rubbish clearance service immediately.

Recycling in Barnet

Clients often enquire as to the future whereabouts of recently collected rubbish. We usually drive it to the closest recycling centre to the address in Barnet. With all the recycling centers around London (such as the Civic Amenity Recycling Centre in Barnet), our clients rest assured we will take appropriate steps to efficiently dispose of all waste we collect.

Our top services are:

  • House Clearance & Furniture Disposal– we remove all kinds of furniture like mattresses, desks, tables, beds and wardrobes.
  • Garden clearance – the teams are prepared with all needed tools and equipment to clear your garden from branches, leaves and unwanted ground soil.
  • Rubbish disposal – as long as it is not medical or hazardous waste, we can take good care of it.

Our office representatives are available 24/7 for your convenience. Contact us on 020 7846 0225 and grab a free quote today!

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