Gutter Cleaning in Barnet EN4 Is Now Easy and Safe

If you’re among the lucky homeowners who have never had their basements flooded due to overflowing gutters, you’re probably not giving it much thought. Proper and regular gutter cleaning in Barnet EN4 saves you the hassle and danger of climbing ladders to clean your gutters yourself and also prevents potential threats lurking among the mulch and debris in your gutters. Not that you’re not a welcoming host or anything, but who would want a family of mice or a cockroach colony in their house? Book our professional gutter cleaning service and save yourself the inconveniences and hazards of blocked gutters.

Why You Need Professional Gutter Cleaning in Barnet

and anywhere, for that matter. Heavy rainfalls and winds bring leaves and twigs into your gutters. They bond with the mud that’s already there to make the perfect living conditions for all sorts of insects and rodents, and the occasional swallow that might fly over your house and think all those twigs and mulch will make a wonderful family nest. And the thing that’s even more dangerous than a bunch of squeaky critters — water. It gets trapped inside your gutters and downpipes when there’s too much mulch and having nowhere else to go, it leaks onto the walls, causing wood to rot, defacing fascias, and flooding basements.

Many homeowners decide to clean their gutters themselves just to be enlisted in the statistics which show that about 200 people in Britain are injured every year in ladder accidents. If you’re already wondering what our phone numbers is, it’s 020 7846 0225, but wait, let us tell you how we do our gutter cleaning. It’s as innovative and awesome as our windows cleaning method and it is a prerequisite for a great result! See why:

  • We use a powerful wet vacuum machine with an extendible pole so we can clean your gutters without using scaffoldings and ladders.
  • It has a camera on its end which lets the technician see what exactly he’s dealing with.
  • He takes before and after pictures to show you why you needed the procedure but if you’ll feel ridden with guilt for the mice family you’ve just evicted, he’ll keep them to himself.

Guttering Prices in Barnet

See how affordable our gutter maintenance services are below:

Single Leveled Properties Price 2 Level Properties Price 3 Level Properties Price
Terraced House £42 Terraced House £62 Terraced House £84
End-of-terrace House £52 End-of-terrace House £72 End-of-terrace House £94
Semi-detached house £62 Semi-detached house £82 Semi-detached house £114
Detached house £77 Detached house £87 Detached house £92
Downpipes £12/pipe Downpipes £15/pipe Downpipes £19/pipe

* Prices are valid for our Loyalty club members
* Depending on your property size and number of levels, guttering rates may vary. Minimum charge is £37.

Order Local Gutter Cleaning Services in Barnet

For a service that has so many benefits, such as:

  • Health & Safety Compliant;
  • One-month guarantee for cleaning services;
  • Scheduled maintenance available;
  • Preventing costly gutter and home repairs;

Call us at 020 7846 0225 or enter your contact options into the booking form on the site and we will get back to you at a time of your convenience. You can also start a conversation with a company representative right here on our website as our live chat is staffed 24/7.

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