Window Cleaners in Barnet

If your dog has left you some nose art as a token of appreciation and the last rains have contributed to it with stains and smudges, opt for professional window cleaning in Barnet EN4 that will let you enjoy natural sunshine again. We carry out our services using a water-fed pole extension system that allows us to reach as high as the fourth floor of any building without disrupting your family routines and working process. And if you need window cleaning above the fourth floor, we also have a rope access system, so whatever your needs are — we have you covered.

Window Cleaning Services in Barnet EN4 with Some Extra Perks

Schedule window cleaning services in Barnet EN4 at a time that suits you best and don’t worry about anything else. Our services come packed with many benefits:

  • All services are available during weekends and Bank Holidays;
  • BWCA certified and COSHH compliant procedures;
  • Fully covered by insurance services and technicians;
  • A range of flexible booking appointments;
  • Free quotes and onsite viewings;
  • Key pick-up and delivery option;
  • Special rates and discounts for return customers and combined bookings — add gutter cleaning and curtain cleaning to your booking and let your home bask in the sunshine;
  • No deposits or contract obligations;
  • No chemicals used in the cleaning process — we use nothing but purified water.

Window Cleaning Rates

You can easily see how affordable our rates for window cleaning in Barnet are:

Property Price from
Flat £46
Masionette flat £58
House £56
Detached house £68

* Window cleaning rates vary depending on property size. Minimum charge for one-off window cleaning is £46.

How the Window Cleaners in Barnet EN4 Make Your Property Gleam

The window cleaners in Barnet EN4 come to your property fully equipped. The water-fed pole they use to clean the outside of the windows is mounted onto a van, so all they need is an adequate parking space near the building. There will be no ladders or scaffoldings to disrupt your routine. And there are no harmful products used, either. The water pumped through the pole is purified and it not only cleans all dirt and stains but also sanitises the entire window and sills, absorbing lingering chemicals and detergents used previously, and prevents dust from building up. This is an ideal option for all households and commercial properties up to four floors.

If you need cleaning for windows situated higher than the fourth floor, ask us for our rope access service. And don’t forget about our special discount service packages — add patio and gutter cleaning and we will make your property gleam while you beam at your discount.

Hire Local Window Cleaners in Barnet EN4

Simply give us a call at 020 7846 0225 or use our online booking options to arrange a visit at your convenience. We just need to specify a few details such as the type and number of windows you need cleaned and we will provide you with an instant quote free of charge and obligation. Our company representatives are at your disposal 24/7 for bookings, rescheduling, and any information you may need.

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